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Macona BBQ to offer an unusual dining experience in Collingswood

Courier Post

“We weren’t even planning to open a restaurant,’’ says Cory.

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“Our goal is that every guest feels at home,
has a full belly and senses our love in the food!”


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Meet The Family

This is us

MACONA is all about the family. Mason (the boss), Cory (the OX) and Natalie (the face). We are a young family with a long history in the restaurant industry. Natalie has been a server/bartender/manager in restaurants for over 10 years. Cory has been cooking for so long that he has lost count….. Mason has been a dishwasher/manager for the long haul of at least 1 year…(he’s 6). We are all firm believers in supporting local farmers and being as seasonal as possible. You should know where your food comes from and who grew/raised it. We have a slogan here “If you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why would you serve it to someone else?” That being said we want you to tolerate the music, love the food and have a fantastic experience.